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Difficulty Changing Line Weight Default

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Some questions you should ask:

Do you mean that A) the default line weight in the attribute palette "snaps back" to 0.40, or that B) objects continue to be created with 0.40 even though the attribute palette default lineweight change stays put?

If B), what class is selected? Does that class have an assigned lineweight, and is "Use at creation" selected for that class (will override attribute palette)?

If A), when the change to the attribute palette is made, is it confirmed that no object is selected by looking at the OIP (should say "no selection")? If yes, I would consider recovering the file since it may be corrupted.

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Once you have made the line weight choice in the attribute palette with no objects selected, you must do a "save file" to keep that new choice as the default. The same is true with the other attributes as well, such as "fill" or "no fill". Also you may have "Enable Auto-classing" checked in the File>Document Settings>Standard Naming dialog. It will automatically put objects drawn with certain tools into specific classes that have specific attributes. HTH.

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