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Frozen info & rescource palattes

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There is a bug, which only occurs occasionally, which makes the location of the info palattes freeze. they cant be moved. and they cant be windowshaded. Does anyone else out there have this problem.....

As with other bugs I have found, such as the stair pio stoppage, I find that by quitting and rebooting vectorworks, all is well again....

Before I post the bug, I'd like to find out if there are other occurances of the freezing problem.

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Yes, I've been having the same trouble.

I'm on an iMac G5. I've been having the people at the Genius bar at Mac store look at the problem. No answer as yet.

My solution has been to restart the application. Also I find that its not a problem when I'm not (physically) connected to a server or internet. But being random it may be a coincidence.

I will try the other user log in as well.


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