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VW 12 performance on OSX vs Windows XP

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I'm wondering if anyone else has notice a difference between MAC OSX and Windows XP. We have both platforms in our office and lately I have been seeing a huge difference in speed when using VW 12 simple commands, panning, zooming, ect. Is there anything I can to verify if our MAC is working properly with VW 12. Is anyone running VW12 on the new Intel chip (MAC) Any information would be helpful?

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If you are running on the Intel Chip in MAC's there have been many threads about the fact that VW 12 is not yet totally compatible. It will run but it runs slower and my buggy than on Windows. I am a PC user myself but have read the numerous discussions on this forum. HTH

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What are the specifications of the machines that you are comparing VW12 on ?

I'm sure Katie would say try repairing permissions etc. to see if that helps, but it could be that the Mac is much lower in spec, memory etc. than the PC's you have.

I'm assuming you are seeing the Mac to be much slower than the Windows machine, but are not using the new Intel Macs, the reason you asked about the new Macs is for your reference with regard to future planning, upgrading etc.


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Thanks..... I'm currently having the problem with my Dual 800 MHZ PowerPC G4 w/ 2MB L3 cache per processor w/ 1.25 GB memory. My windows machine is a bit smaller.

I was asking about the intel with regards to our future. I will wait.

Anymore thoughts would be great.


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