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Move Command

Bruce Kieffer


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Well Bruce, This is going to sound harsh, but I think if you are using VW's then it is rather foolish (and truly naive) to think in those terms. That's sort of like saying "I'm an English speaker and I live in Spain. I think that all Spanish people should understand my English and I refuse to learn Spanish". You are not going to change these conventions. You need to learn (and use) the language, or go live somewhere else. It's as simple as that.

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Actually, I think BK is making a reasonable observation in that life in the 3D world can become extremely disorienting especially when it comes to moving stuff around. How easy it is to be in X believing that you are in Y and then moving an object or pieces of it only to later discover that you in K or J space !

BK , you may need to select the VW Preferences>3D>Show Axis Labels.

But even the Axis Labels can be difficult to understand as the model evolves in space.

You can blame Leibnitz, Descartes & Newton for this confusion ; )

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islandmon, the 3D world is the one we live in. The computer screen is a 2D world that tries to simulate our 3D world. For this reason, I find it easier to use x,y,z etc to visualize what's going on in this alternate environment.

Why is furniture making different from designing other objects?

I agree with Peter on this one.


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I understand and live with x,y but it isn't the fastest and easiest way. Most other CAD programs give you the option to grab an object, pick a reference, start motion in a certain direction and then type in a distance for it to move from the reference point. I am a competent draftsmen in, Autocad, Generic Cadd, DataCad and Vectorworks, and in my opinion Vectorworks has the slowest move system of them all.

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