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Intel 10.4.7 455CA How to Help


Can some one tell me how to set up a HP DesignJet 455CA with a JetDirect EX on a 10.4 Mac?

there a some Notes in this Forum like:

>>Do a search on this board and you will find lots of info on setting up a 400 series HP printer under OSX. <<

But i can not finde this Posts.

Do you use HP TCP/IP with manuel konfig. ?? and how?

do you use a RIP Software (like it was with OS9 and Classic)

do you use Windows Printing?

the only way i can plot now is with ArchiCad "Plot" but thats not what i want.

thanx fore your help


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rax, it sounds like you might be new to Mac OS X? All you need to do (in most cases) is go to SYSTEM PREF'S>PRINT & FAX, then in the PRINT section, click the ADD button (to add a new printer). You will be asked to chose the method of connection (eg: USB or Ethernet), and then the computer will find the printer (most of the time, the exception sometimes is with networked printers, sometimes you need to know their IP address). Once it finds the printer the setup is pretty staight forward (and almost automatic). Let us know whether you have success...

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Hi Rax,

I have a 455CA using a JetDirect EX through a router, running under Tiger. I had a set of instructions for the 455 on a previous post, but I cannot find those either. So you are not alone.

First you need the IP address of the 455. Press and hold the test button on the JetDirect, for about 10 seconds. The 455 will print two sheets. On the second sheet will be the IP address. You can use letter size paper if you want to save on paper.

Now go to Printer Setup Utility. Click on Add

1. Choose Line Printer Daemon LPD

2. Input your IP address from the printed sheet.

3. Leave Queue blank.

4. From the Print Using pull-down, choose HP.

5. From the next list choose HP Designjet 455CA. You have two choices of GimpPrint. One is 4xx and one is 5xx beta. Take your pick.

6. Click the Add button.

7. The printer will now show up on your printer list.

8. Highlight the printer and click the Info, (blue), button.

9 Name your printer whatever you like.

10. Click Apply Changes and you are done.

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Thanks Kevin, you got my point.

I use the Printers ip Address to print from other systems too so i now it is the correct ip Address.

when i imput the Printes ip in the LPD Menu and check the Address it keeps telling me "unkown ip Adress".

The Mac has a korrect ip, internet and fileservers are working, the printer is working from other (older) Macs but not from the intel iMac 10.4.7

So it looks like my JetDirect EX can not understand LPD?

By the way:

I tryed to print into the Postscript que on a old Mac running the HP RIP in the classic mode.

1. Starting the RIP in the Classic Mode

2. Testing. the RIP is printing.

3. config. the Printer from the Intel Mac via AppleTalk (like Peter Cipes described it) to the RIP Mac

4. the Intel can not find the .ppd so i show him

5. Printing that way ends in some "can not finde Printer" on the intel side.

The RIP dos not move at all.

i hope you get my point and can help my with his problem.

sorry there is no better english in my writing.


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Well rax, I am not sure what to tell you. I would tend to believe the system when it tells you that the entered IP address is not valid.

You can try the other protocols:IPP and HP Socket. I have gotten HP Socket to work as well. I am running a non-intel dual G5 under 10.4.5.

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