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Vectorscript Error

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I have created a custom workspace that generates multiple vectorscript errors. Most of them are trivial, but as I am a lighting designer, the label legend manager is a critical function of my daily work. For some reason, when I access the label legend manager, the first window pops up without problem. when I click edit layout, I get the following error message:

Error: _0_209 - Menu cannot be found. Group Navigation Chunk

Seconds to execute: 663.39

I can still access it from other built in workspaces, but when I create a workspace and move commands around to where I want them, the error comes back.

So far I have tried:

-creating a copy of the workspace and dragging the command over from the workspace editor.

-creating a new workspace from scratch

-deleting the old label legend manager script from my HDD and installing copying it over from the install cd

-completely reinstalling VW.

Nothing helped.

I am running VW 12.0.1 (53930)

any ideas?

any fixes?



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Hey Charles,

Thanks for getting back so quick.

In answer to your questions, yes I have moved, removed, and changed some of the standard group menu commands.

I am still trying to teach myself vectorscript so you'll have to excuse my ignorance when I ask about 'what is' and 'how do you' DoMenuText call.

thank a million.

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OK, so you you're not writing vectorscript.

Apparantly "Label Legend Manager" is a tool or menu command written in Vectorscript. DoMenuTextByName is a line of Vectorscript code that can be used to access any menu command in the workspace. So a script might have something like:


This would have the same effect as choosing Print from the menu bar.

Some menu commands are part of a 'Chunk', and are accessed by their position within the 'Chunk'. That's what the zero is in the above example. Print isn't part of a chunk, so the selector is set to zero.

It would seem that this label manager has a need to edit groups.Edit and Exit Group comprise a 'Chunk', so the script probably has a line something like:

DoMenuTextByName('Group Navigation Chunk',1);

If you remove Edit Group from your workspace the label manager will not be able to find and use it. It will also mess with the position of Exit Group in the chunk, and so need a different selector to use that command.

So the simplest solution to your problem is to note all the error messages associated with DoMenu and note the part where it says what can't be found. Then edit your workspace so that those commands are present and in the same place as they are in a standard workspace.

Hope that makes sense


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