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two item wish list (okay, maybe three)

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Working in Spotlight 10.5 - two things:

I wish that lighting objects would somehow attach themselves to the lighting position object, so that when the label for the lighting position object changes, the lights would acquire the new label.

and I wish accesories (like iris or gobo holder) would somehow attach themselves to the lighting objects into which they have been inserted, so that when the lighting object unit number changes, the accessory number would change accordingly;

PS: I wish, when exported to Lightwright, accesories would insert themselves into the accesories column in Lightwright.

maybe in 11, which I will recieve in two days ...


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

#1 is on the wish list.

#2 you need to insert them as accessories, then they will move with the instrument and pick up the unit number.

#3 Spotlight 11 supports the new accessory field added in LW4.

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Thanks very much for number 1 and number 2. This tech forumn is great!

But when I inserted gobo holders in VW11 (just received and installed), then exported to LW4, the holders appear as they did in 10.5, a seperate entity, below the unit they were insereted into, not in the accesories column.

Am I missing something?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Did you use the gobo holder in the Spotlight 11 libary? A new "type" of accessory was added. 'Statatic accessory' will export as an accessory in LW4, 'Accessories' (the ones requiring a control channel) will export the same way they have in previous versions.

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