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Ethan R.

Extrude along path

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I'm trying to extrude along a path. However, when I extrude, the center of the object is centered to the path, and I need the edge along the path.

As a solution, I have offset the path 1/2 the width of the object to be extruded. This in theory should put the edge of the extrusoin at the edge of the path I need.

However, I am getting an error message when trying to extrude along the offset path?

Please see the file here .. http://www.aaaeventservices.com/test.mcd

thank you,


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This is just another one of those 'red headed step child' tools that has been talked to death since before V11 and it still does work as it should. Search under Extrude along path' and you will see the length of discussion. I have given up on this tool and just use another program for all my extrude along path scenarios. For the life of me I can't believe the tool still does work after all the forum discussion over the years. You will notice that most of the discussion on this board about this subject has been has with nary a wimper out of NNA support staff.

Good Luck,


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I'm not quite sure what a "red headed step child" refers to. Maybe it's a coloquial Americanism?

Anyhow, while it's true the extrude along path is sometimes flakey, mostly it works for me.

The answer here is that you need to edit the placement of the profile on it's "origin" ;not the path.

The "help" files seem to be silent on this, but;

Double click the Extrude along path.

Select Profile

The profile will be centred over cross-hairs (the origin) which is the location of the path.

Move the profile till it is in the correct orientation with respect to the path.



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Ethan, follow Nicholas's advice and use the original path object and adjust the profile location by editing it afterwards.

Your original path object is a polyline with 55 vertices in it. It would have been better if it was composed of lines and arcs.

The offset polyline has 66 vertices in it - at a guess the offset process has probably introduced some complexity into the polyline which the extrude along path routine doesn't like.

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I use the extrude along path tool for all my utility pipes (polylines with corner & arc vertices). VW seems to have a problem with a complex polyline path object using UTM coordinates, in most cases I have to extrude the path object using 0,0 origin then paste into the UTM coordinate origin.

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Trying out the help, thank you ..

Actually having problems finding where to "double click" the extrude along path ..

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