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Transparency problems



I run into a problem with the transparency layer function when trying to print to pdf. The function looks great on screen, and has the ability to help put together some really great looking drawings. However, every time I make a pdf of a file using transparency, linework that is being overlayed by the semi transparent objects comes out blurred in the pdf. It also shows up in the printed file (off of a HP 130 Designjet). I have seen this happen in numerous different files. The problem goes away immediately if the layer opacity is changed back to 100%. Anything that can be done to help address this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm using the Adobe Acrobat 7 Distiller to make the pdfs. I did a test and tried the Mac pdf creator. The Mac version did not experience the blur/shift in line appearance that occurs with Acrobat. However, I often have trouble successfully printing pdfs on the HP 130 that are created with the Mac version. Something gets screwy on the Postscript side of things and parts of a drawing will end up skewed, and print that way consistently. That problem doesn't happen when using Acrobat. I'll keep trying different things, as I'm guessing NNA will say this is a problem outside of their responsiblity.

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