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Color-coding sets of instruments?

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I'm designing a show with multiple stages around the perimeter of a black box space, so although there is essentially a plot for each stage the instruments share a common grid and circuit layout. To help keep my sanity I wanted to color-code the instruments so the set for each stage can be identified on the plot (or at least on screen).

So I first tried to do this by putting all instruments in one layer and then having a class for each stage area and assigning the instruments the correct class. But I have not been able to make the class color setting have any affect on the display.

I ended up creating multiple instrument layers, one for each stage. That makes the color-coded thing work, but complicates manipulation of the plot since I often have to force select to grab an instrument if it is in a different layer.

Is there a better way to color-code sets of instruments with common characteristics?

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Thanks! That is a solution I hadn't thought of and does do the trick. Although one thing I discoverd to be useful is printing multiple versions of the plot, one for each area, with each area's instruments highlighted (others greyed) on its print. I can do that with layers (and maybe classes), not sure label legend would.

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One solution i have done in the past is create a new set of symbols that contain a color scheme. while you create the instruments, create new classes. set the class for whatever color you want. then using viewports bring up whatever 'color set' you want to show.


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