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Labels don't move when updating Legend


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I've always had an issue in Spotlight 9.5 with labels getting "locked" into place despite my updating the legend, reassigning the legend, and continually refreshing the labels. Sometimes the Color will get locked into place so that I cannot even click and drag it to a new place.

I just got a new Powerbook with Vectorworks 11. After changing operating systems and upgrading two versions higher, the problem remains. So I figure it must be a problem with my label legends. What could be causing this?


VW SL 11 / Mac OS 10.3

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Try adjusting your snap and rounding settings. You may need to move your labels just a little. Remember once you move the label in the drawing, it is locked ther until you assign a new legend to the instrument.

There is a problem between the way the label legend is rounding numbers and the way the lighting device is rounding numbers. We have finaly been able to reproduce the problem in house and you will see a fix in a maintance release of 11.

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  • 2 months later...

I know this post was a long time ago, but I am STILL having this problem, even after deleting all of my old label legends and starting from scratch.

A working example of the problem:

I have a basic legend called "S4 VERT", and another legend called "BOOM R" which is the same as S4 VERT, but with the CHANNEL circle on the right side of the unit.

-When I create a unit with S4 VERT, then change it to BOOM R, all of the labels update properly to their BOOM R positions. Then, when I change it back to S4 VERT, the CHANNEL circle remains in its same place.

-Likewise, when I grab any label and move it to an arbitrary position, it remains locked there, and will not move when I reassign the legend.

-Also, my UNIT NUMBER label is locked in place. When I try to drag it, I get get the little + under my cursor, but then when I drop it, the label doesn't move.

This is just a single specific example of this problem, in one of its many iterations. Sometimes the PURPOSE won't update when I reassign the legend. Sometimes the COLOR label gets locked so I can't drag it.

I've adjusted my snap settings, that has no effect. I'm not a programmer, so I do not understand how number rounding would affect this problem.

Please help me out here. I cannot create a professional-looking plot in Vectorworks until I've fixed this problem.


Mac OS 10.3.5 / VW Spotlight 11.0.1

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on a g5,dp1.8,os10.3.5,vwsl11.0.1, it's the same problem. eventually it will be fixed.

in the mean time, the old workaround works better than ever.

when a label is locked, try this:

select the lighting instrument(s), go to the object information palette and click on the show data button.

scroll down til you see the "do not edit" field.

double clic in that field, than hit delete, than hit enter. et voila. it works for me. if you lose labels ( sometimes they disappear !), do the same .


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