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resizing groups in the object info box

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I used to be able to resize a group or several objects selected at one time by adjusting the given dimensions within the Object Info box. Suddenly (have I pressed something?!) I can't do this - the object info box does not give me the dimensions of objects if more than one are selected. Help!

Using VW12 fundamentals.

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You can do this with a single object selected or a group (considered a single object). If you have a group selected, you will need to be in a top/plan view to make the edits.

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There's an icon in the OI palette with three dots. Click on it. Your multiple-selected objects or groups can then be edited one after another if you click on the adjacent arrow icon after editing the expanded fields. Although it's not "global" editing like before, it's still a lot more convenient than selecting and deselecting each group or object to edit.

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