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3D People and Round Windows

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The 3 D people called entrourarg [sorry about the spelling] are great and so adjustable but are so big thet make my file sizes so big. So how have you got round it? Adjusted settings and preferences to suit? Render in a differnt way? Or used simpler people?

Also there is a great choice of windows but no round ones or portholes. I have got round it by extruding a circle in the wall but this does not have the same properties and editability as a window and seems to mess the wall up making all othe windows and doors not 'in wall'. Can manage at the moment but it would be great if a round window or the round headed window with a round cill could be added to the next update.

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I'm glad I looked at this thread ... the round window problem has vexed me for some time as well.

On the people side of the equation, you may be better off with image props. I recall purchasing some "watercolor people" from Vector Depot some time ago. They add a presentation quality look but also serve to keep the file size small.

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Islandmon has once again shown us mastery of the 3D realm of VW. I have found that even though VW has an extensive array of window and door possibilities they can by no means hope to supply us users with every know type of geometric configuration in window and door assemblies. Hence the 3D modeling capability along with hybrid symbols. When it comes to specialty openings I would rather build a 3D hybrid symbol and save it to a favorite library for rare retrival later. As the picture below shows....I rarely use oval windows but I do have a symbol of a window as well as interior trim and exterior detail configurations that I have accumulated over time.


The window and door tools cover about 98% of what you need but for the last two percent the hybrid symbol is the way to go. You can also check out the OZCAD site for thier windoor plug-in which expands VW's assortment of CAD ability.

Pete A.

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