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Sloped ceiling

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for replying. As a sorta novice at this CAD stuff, there's smoke coming out my ears trying to reshape in 3-d. I'm viewing my walled room in right iso, I'm clicking on 3-d shaping tool, but I only seem to be getting the ability to create a peaked wall. Any suggestions? It would be great to be able to highlight wall and input additional height to be added to existing wall etc.

BTW, I used to live in London in the 80's. Went to college and worked there for about 7 years. Miss it alot.

Take care,


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John, here's a little trick you might like: Before using the 3d reshape tool go to top/plan view and change the line color of the object to bright red (my favorite) or any other color, then go to a direct-on 3d view (like front or left), now, with the object still selected run the "bring to front" command. It makes it much easier to see what you're working on. When you're done you can change the line color back....

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There's also a "Fit walls to Roof" command in VectorWorks Architect that will fit the wall profiles to any user-defined 3D geometry.

It appears that Robert's excellent advice has been ignored. This neat little trick can take the hours and frustration out of reshaping walls.

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