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I am trying to build a site model and have followed the design manual PDF but it dose not explain anything about how the DTM or site model works. where can i go to get an understanding of this program? I have imported the site survey data as 3D loci, created a site model and had it set so it was shown in 3D contours. All this went fine.

What i want to do now is adjust the site model.

Or, more specifically, how do i either adjust the contours i have imported or import new contours to replace an area i want to re-profile. I dont want to just make a pad for a house or a flat road i want to redesign an area of the site. I have the new area drawn as 2d polylines that i would like to turn into 3d contours and insert into my site model. I am not worried about knowing the cut and fill for this operation.

I imagine that this may take a bit of explaining, so dose anyone know of a good manual or has this been dealt with elsewhere by the VW team?

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You need to use the Site Modifier Objects. As a hint - in VW pads can slope in a definable way.

Set the new grades either using the Stake Object, or pads, or 3D poly's of class Site-DTM-Modifier. Using the Site Modifier tool draw a 'Fence' around the site modifiers - This is the limit of grading.

Don't try to draw contours. VW will do this for you.

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Thanks to Jonathon Pickup I have discovered that if the DTM that you have created - like not bearing much relation to the surveyors contours - can be modified by adding more 3D Loci along each contour or by moving the 3D Loci created. Presto a much better DTM model. I think you could do something similar to create a modified new DTM without creating pads etc. Havn't yet tried the Site Modifier Objects tool thouigh.

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Part of the secret to DTM and the TIN ( Triangulated Integrated Networks ) calcs is the uniformity & spacing of the 3D Loci. A uniformly spaced grid of Loci matching the specified contour spacing produces an entirely different DTM contour than randomly located XYZ points. Therefore, using the 'show grid' and placing 'extrapolated' fill-in Loci at the grid intersections is beneficial to the 'finess' of the end result and helps eliminate the 'variable rounding noise'.

It also helps to 'cluster' closer spaced Loci in those areas where subsequent "Site-DTM'Modifiers" will be utilized to create the new Proposed DTM Model.

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I have been able to create a good DTM of the site by combining two sets of 3d loci data and then when it is turned into contours it looks OK. I have some questions. Can you create a uniform grid of 3d loci from 3d polygons or do you have to live with 3d loci placed along the contour?

Now that i have built the DTM or site model i need to add masing models, roads, trees etc; and take 3d views of this landscape showing the size and postion of the buildings, to show the planners they will not be visible from various locations.

The next step is to add massing models, a road way and lots of trees. I have tried doing this on a new layer in plan view, i have sent objects to surface and that has worked but when i come to taking a 3d view the site model disapears off the page and the massing models etc stay where they were. Why does this happen and how do i "fix objects" to the site model. Do i need to set up a more accuarte layers or connect the layers?

I have tried to photograh using renderworks camera but never get any image, could this be linked to the site model disapearing?

Also when i send a road to the surface it only works some of the time, can i send a polyline to surface and extrude along it to create a simple road?

Are there any manuals on using landmark as it seems very complex and the VW design PDF is not very in depth?

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Usually, when I create a site model, the elevation of the contours is substantially higher than zero. Therefore, when setting up views (with the camera or the set 3d view command) the "view from" height must be set appropriately (eg: as high as the model). Additionally, you might take a look at the "z" values of your layers to see if they will conicide properly in 3d space. HTH's

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I think that the problem is that not all of your layers are in the same view.

One option is to 'Layer Link' all layers to a separate 'Model' layer

Make the model layer active and set the layer options to 'Active Only'

You should then be able to see and manipulate the 3d view in registration.

The other option is Stack Layers mode but I haven't spent a lot of time with this.

Another option is to create a viewport and manipulate the view in the viewport with the flyover tool or the walkthrough tool.

Final option is to put all of the stuff on one layer.

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