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Use the Walkthrough tool to move the view from point out from your objects. Once you have your objects in the viewing frame you can set the view to what you want useing the Walkthrough, Flyover, Translate View and Rotate View Tools. Alternatively go back to Top/Plan View and use the Set 3D View command to get the view close to what you want.

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You may need to stretch the perspective window. Depending on where the model is located around the origin, the drawing may not display in the perspective window frame by default.

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Not exactly true. You need to set up the view you want first (in a design layer) then create a VP from that view. After that, if you change the design layer the viewable area might shift. So first, I would go into the VP crop and try to move it. If that won't work, go back to the design layer and stretch the perspective window bounding box, then go back to the VP and change the crop accordingly.

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