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Mac or PC, what is the difference?

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I have used VW on both a mac and a pc and have noticed a few differences, like staking out a road works on PC but not mac and the layout is different. Is there a design to this or is it just 2 slightly different programs? if there are specific differences or qualities what are they?

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Very little difference in VW itself in my experience. Certainly not different enough to warrant choosing one platform over another as far as using VW goes.

Knowing this I'd choose which OS to use based around the other software I use/own or may have to use, experience and knowledge of a particular OS, and if I have to interact with others, what they are using.

Or even just a personal preference, if you are an individual, free to make your own choice, as VW in my opinion, will fall happily in line with either using Windows or Mac as your OS.


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