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Multi-page PDFs...?



Is there a way you can you use batch print to make a multi-page PDF? I have tried by saving as a PDF (Mac OS X) but it only does the first page...?

At the moment I save each sheet as a PDF and then combine them after with a workflow or Acrobat. No were near as fast.

I have been told ArchiCAD can do this, I hope this can/will be ported this over to VW now that Graphisoft owns VW.

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As far as I know, your method is the only way to do this for now. Your comment on use of Acrobat "being no where near as fast", does not make sense to me.

I batch print each page to an individual PDF file. Those are then selected in Acrobat and combined. I hardly find this to be an inconvenient step.

Some of my project pages are PDF's sent to me by consultants. Even if VW could create a single PDF file with all pages included, I would still need to use Acrobat to add those consultant sheets.

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Your comment on use of Acrobat "being no where near as fast", does not make sense to me.

Ah no, not that inconvenient. I meant not as fast as printing all my VW sheets into one PDF. The Automator work flow is faster than Acrobat. And Acrobat is great for doing what you mentioned or putting more drawings in or taking some out.

Thanks Kevin... seems like this is the case

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I use both Vectoworks and ArchiCad... everytime I have to print 100 page millwork drawings to .pdf from Vectorworks I say to myself "I miss ArchiCad".

The key to ArchiCad's success that needs to be adopted by Vectoworks is the ease of printing and keeping track of revisions. Printing an up to date set of drawings (any number of pages) in ArchiCad takes no time at all.

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