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General Renderworks capabilities


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I am building a catalog with many moulding profiles. Using VW 11.5, I currently use oblique cabinet 30 projection to give me a nice scaled object. The problem I have is that OpenGL on the standard VW does not support this projection. So, my fills are rough looking. Would Renderworks enable me to use oblique cabinet 30 and improved filling with OpenGL?

Thanks for any suggestions,


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grant and Ray,

Thanks for the inputs. Ray, that's right, OpenGL does not render in oblique cabinet projection. The documentation says that OpenGL does not support the oblique cabinet projection in the standard non-renderworks release of VW.

I need to produce high-quality renderings, so OpenGL is not a requirement as long as renderworks would render the oblique cabinet projection.

Since I am trying to decide on upgrading to Architect 12, I would like to verify that renderworks would provide this. Could someone please try this out and let me know?



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this is straight out of the VectorWorks Online User Guide:


OpenGL and RenderWorks rendering modes do not support the Oblique projections. To render these, use Hidden Line or one of the Polygon rendering modes"

I have also tried it, and they both default to the flat, non-projected view.



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