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IP Resource File

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VW SptLt 12.0.1 I have opened a 11 file, after updating my truss layers without a problem, i began on my Lights. Upon Nudging my first light, the following error comes up in the 'VectorScript Message' Window "The IP Resources File was not found". Then the light does not display it's Label Legend Info. I have updated, refreshed, and reassigned the Legend to the fixture. No Luck.

HELP. Guess i will have to go to Ver 11 again.

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Try running the 12.0.1 updater again especially if you are on the Mac. If that doesn't work install 12.0.0 and update to 12.0.1. If the IP Resources file is missing then a lot of things are not going to work and is is usually a sign of a bad install or update.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

IP Resources.rsrc is corect for the Mac, and it should be in the plug-ins folder, but the file could be bad or the wrong version.

The only other thing to try is repairing the disk permissions.

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It seems that I?m experiencing the same problem. It?s not associated with any particular file? I?m running 12.5.1(65397) on a MAC. I have reinstalled VW 12.5 and then ran the update from the web site. I have repaired the disk permissions on the hard drive? and it?s still giving me the error message: ?The IP Resources file was not found?

What do I do the fix this problem!!!

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I had this problem recently and solved it with the help of tech support. The answer was to go to your library/application support/vectorworks/ and search for a IP Resources file in amongst the folders. (I can't remember which one it was in) When you find it... delete it. That should take care of the problem. (If you are worried about deleting the file then just make a note of where you found it so you can restore it!!) That is the walk-through that tech support gave me!!

Hope that works!!!!


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I'm having the same problem. Wanted to follow the advice above but the only file I can find was not through the suggested path above 'library/application support/vectorworks/ and search for a IP Resources file in amongst the folders'.

I have found a file called 'IP Resources.rsrc' is this the file that I should delete?

I found the file in Applications/Vectorworks/Plug-ins

Thank you,


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