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Importing Detailed Sketchup Models



I am attempting to import a Sketchup file that is setup with several layers (similar to a VW file - layer per floor). The Sketchup model is fairly articulated with the correct thickness of walls, floors, glazing, etc. I have tried all of the three geometry mapping options, but the output in VW is a 3d symbol (per layer) composed of 3d polygons.

On the otherhand, if I start with a simple massing model from Sketchup, I get what I am looking for: VW wall, floor and roof objects.

Is there a particular way I could set up a Sketchup model to facilitate the transition between the two programs? Are there thresholds of detail that the importing process can not accomodate? If all else fails, is there a way to take the 3d polygons en masse and convert them to walls?

Thank you for your help.


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Try exporting sketchup to a DWG first and then import it into VW. I had to do this. For some reason if I imported the sketchup file all I got was about half of my layers, and they were not even layers I could really use. I exported it to DWG and then imported it and it worked great. You have to have the full version of Sketchup to do this not the free one.

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Whoa. That method (.skp to .dwg to .mcd) returned a bevy of 3d symbols composed of meshes. I had never even heard of a mesh before.

Since my last post I found this on the SketchUp.pdf on the Installer DVD.

"A component which creates an opening is imported as a VectorWorks window or door, if attached to an object imported as a VectorWorks wall. If the component touches the baseline of the wall it is considered to be a door; if it does not touch the baseline of the wall, it is considered to be a window.

"Groups and components are always imported as plain polygons in a symbol and do not generate any architectural elements such as walls or floors."

Is it me or do these points seem somewhat contradictory? Will components be imported as doors/windows or as plain polygons? And, it seems that I need to ungroup everything except doors and windows in Sketchup before I import into VW.

The ideal is the first point from the PDF. But, every Sketchup face will be imported as an individual wall/floor. Thus, if you have represented material thickness in Sketchup, it will be imported as two VW walls of the preset thickness (1 per face).

Anyone else going down this road, yet?


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