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you can create an object such as rectangle/polygon in the design layer covering the area that you want on the sheet

leave the object selected and create a viewport

it will ask if you want to use the object

if there is no sheet created already you can create a sheet

in the dialog scroll up to see New sheet.

close dialog and the cropped VP shows up on the sheet

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Larry, you can Undo to get out of that situation. It occurs when the class of the existing crop shape is turned off in the viewport's class visibilities and you draw a second crop with that same class. At this point both crops are invisible and impossible to select and you can't access the VPs class visibilities to turn it back on... And then as you say, you are stuck.

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I just had this same issue come up. NickB is right on.

The key is to click on the vp, then go to the object info palette where you can turn the invisible class back on.

Don't try to turn it on at the class menu for the layer because that won't work - this is where I got confused.

After revising the vp crop, go back to the object info palette and turn it off again.

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David, I would just suggest that you leave the class on in the object info palette, but set both the fill and the line to 'none'. That way you won't see the crop, but you can do a 'select all' if you get in the situation described and it will select the crop object - when I tried to do it the same way that you suggested I always forgot to turn it on first.

just a thought,


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