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I have a hand drawing done in metric scale that I need to put into vectorworks. Is there a way to make wectorworks speak metric, or do I need to convert all measurements? I set the layer scale to 1:50, but the measurements (ie, when I draw a box, say) are all still in feet, so that doesn't help much.

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Vectorworks has a preference panel for unit. It's location varies depending upon the version of VW that you have. Yes VW does metric.

Though I do not use metric, I do field measure in inches. So I set VW to inches to input all of my measurements. Once done, I then change the units to feet and inches for the duration of the project.

By the way, you can also scan your drawing, import it into VW and then trace over it.

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You don't have to change units to use metric, enter numbers in the mode bar or OIP followed by "m" or "mm". The metric entries will be converted to imperial.

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in windows version (12.0.1)

Ctl-Alt-U bring up the Units dialog box

change the units to meters (.001 for decimal)or mm (no decimals) depending on the units on the drawing

then enter the numbers

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Good info, I did not know that. In the case of laying out an entire floor plan, it would be easier and less confusing to change the units for the entire drawing. This will allow you to confirm your entries. If you want the drawing to read in imperial you can change the units back. I am not sure, but I think that there is a way to display dual dimensions where both metric and imperial appear for each dimension string.

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Under document preferences - Dimensions

change Dimension standard to ASME to get dual dimension

the set the primary and secondary Dimension Objects under the Units dialog

Primary is set via General Display

you can have acombinatin that could be

feet and inches

metric and imperial

or make your own custom dimensions with whatever.

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