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Windows in two layers at once?

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I am wondering what to do when a window or door is placed high in one layer, (i.e. in a stair landing) and essentially overlaps into the layer above it. When the building is modeled I only see the lower half the window - can you clip part of the offending wall so that the upper part is seen, and also the slab between the layers?

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Further, there is one bad result when using the above method: there will be a line, or separaion, where one layer joins the other. Here is one alternate method (which also creates its own special problems): Make the lower wall taller, and then move the upper wall up and make it shorter. In plan views this will not "show", but in sections and elevations you'll probably need to do some "cover up" work...

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Thanks for the great advice! I can see that it may get a little more complicated with my 4-story project which has windows in each landing; I can forsee needing a couple extra "dummy" windows that overlap each other in plan so that windows above and below the landing are cut out appropriately in elevation view.

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I frequently encounter stairwell window problems in my work as well. My "preferred" solution is to create a wall the full height of the stairwell and insert the windows in it as required. I then use classes to show and hide a floor plan view of a 'dummy' or 'stand in' window at each floor.

The stand in dummy class is turned off in elevations and sections which show all the windows. Dimensioning is done on the "real" wall so mistakes are minimized.

I hope this helps also.

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