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Render over jpeg


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I would roughly model the building, try and get the view to roughly match the jpeg, ane use photoshop to cut out the superflous stuff and manipulate the render to match exactly.

Show a before and after photo on the same piece of paper too, and don't make it too big.

To match the view;

make a texture with the jpeg.

do a big extrude, and add the new texture.

using open GL you can fluff around a bit and try and get the camera and the model and the extrude to all align.

it's kinda fiddly, but because you're using pshop afterward, you don't need to be too precise.

post your results.


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Thanks; I was trying to avoid modelling the building. I can apply polygons over the image and cut out for the windows etc. and then apply an image to the polygon. this works well except I can't figure out how to adjust the scale of the image?

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have you got photoshop? If you can, use the free transform tool to stretch the render to fir the photo - you still need to get the perpsective approximately right though.

I have found that the jpeg photo has curved lines due to the spherical nature of the lens, so it's very hard to get it right anyway, the render has stright lines out to infinity

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