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Importing from WYSIWYG

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Has anybody had consistent success importing DXF or DWG drawings that have been exported from WYSIWYG? I've receieved a couple files that have been exported as DXF's and all of the instruments, text blocks, etc are drawn as individual lines. I'd like to be able to get all of the lighting symbols to at least come in as symbols/blocks, with the text as editable text fields. (Obviously it would be great if Vectorworks could import the drawing and have Spotlight recognize all of the WYSIWYG data)

Anybody have any suggestions?


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That is the whole point of their software. You set up the space in 3-D, hang the rig and you can see exactly what you get on the screen. It is used a lot for intelligent fixture rigs that have limited load in and programming time. You can pre-program your movements, color, focuses,etc and see it on the computer screen (thus WYSIWG), and then load it into the board and you will have a show.

neat program - but big $$$

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(thus WYSIWG)

Yeah, sorry to hijack the thread, but it's a bit like Ford calling a new car, well, "car."

Ah but they did, a few years ago Christiaan - The Ka

interestingly they never brought out a Si version as they did in some other models ;~)


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Yes, I was referring to Cast Lighting's WYSIWYG program. It appears from their documentation that when exporting a DXF/DWG file the text fields will export as text fields, but they're not showing up that way in Vectorworks.

Does anybody have any experience with this?


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@Flavie Wysiwyg now supports the new MVR file format so it should no longer be necessary to use DWG or DXF files when collaberating with a Wysiwyg user.
Below is the link to a recent webinar by Dany Tancou from Castsoft about how to work with Wysiwyg and MVR


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