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Lable Legend - text disapears

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I am using Vectorworks 9.5.2 on Windows XP

I have made many light plots with Spot light and have never had this problem before.

I have Set up my Space, My Grid Layer, My Plot Layer, All scaled to 1/4"

I set up my Lables in Lable Legend Manager correctly.

Now I am placing lights on my plot (in the Plot layer) and entering Channeling, dimmer, Color ETC information and nothing is showing up in my plot at all. The Circle that I am using for my Channel container is showing up when I 1st place the instrament but the minute I put a channel into the instrument properties the circle move from where I placed it out side and on the bottom of the light and it moves to the middle of the light.

Thinking that I have set some thing incorrectly I opened up a plot that I had made 3 months ago, that had worked correctly only to discover that when I refresh the instruments or change any of the lighting information the same problem occures.

I am getting very fustrated.

I have looked thru out the tech boards for simmilar problems and can't find a solution.

A co worker is having the exact same problem on his computer.

We are both running the same system configuration...

-Jay Ryan

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I have the same dilemna, and I am using VW11, XP. If I open the file on another computer in the office and refresh, the label legends appear no problem. I save, and open it on my own machine - info still there. As soon as I alter an instrument in any way or refresh anything, the label legend information dissapears. Label legends are still there, but all information has dissapeared, leaving only the handles to move the missing info. Please advise if you can on how to alleviate this problem. Do I need to re-install?

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Edit the label legend symbol.

Select the text inside the big box with the light symbol. Go to the Text menu and make sure there is a check mark next to one of the size values that would be big enough for you to see relative to your drawing scale.

If it still doesn't work - email the file to me.

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I have re-installed v11, and the problem still persists. All classes on, and when I refresh, the label legend text is missing. All fixtures have internal information - and on another computer (or in v10.5) the label legends show up, however, when refreshed on my computer in v11 they disappear. (On my computer in v10.5 they show up as they should). I opened an old file in v11 that was originally built in v10.5 and when refreshed in v11 the same problem is demonstrated. I would appreciate any advice you could give.

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to katie,

I'm running VW11.0.1 on XP on a Gateway laptop.

I have a slightly different problem with legends: as I use the RE-SIZE cursor to shift individual pieces of data (dimmer, circuit name, number etc) to accomodate spacing and crowding, quite often the legend spacing jerks back to the original spacing contained in the label legend, and I have to start all over again.

I have tried every trick I can think of to overcome this jerking: "refresh label," delete the entire symbol, then "control-Z," re-type the label legend in the OIB, delete the label legend in the OIB, change the label legend in the OIB, begin the re-spacing with the particular piece of data that seemed to cause the mis-step, move the enitre symbol and perform the respacing there then move it back ... nothing works consistently. The jerking seems entirely random. Makes me feel like a jerk!

I tried it on my new Dell laptop with XP Pro and get the same result, occasional revert to original label-legend spacing on random occasions.

Has anyone else experienced this? Re-install VW 11? Get a new disk from the home office?


I have other issues with labels more similar to CHEGS and JAY, but this one really irks me and is slowing down my productivity.


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