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Text size for label legend


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I am having a problem getting the text to behave properly for labeling my gel, dimmers etc.

Often Times when I create a new label legend, and assign it to fixtures, the text is way to small (as in I have to zoom in so far that the snoot takes up the entire screen in order to see it), or it does not appear at all.

I somehow managed to make it work, but I'm not sure how. I went into the edit layout on the label legend manager, and changed the text size to 450 point, then exited the group.

Next, I selected all of the instruments, changed there text size to 450 points, and then refreshed the instruments.

Then I found if I deleted the fixtures (all of them) then did a "Control Z" to bring them back, that when they returned, the text showed up correctly.

Since then, I have been unable to reproduce this. Now when I add a fixtures? color, it does nothing. If I update one of the ones I fixed earlier, it just disappears.

I am running 10.1.2 on Windows XP. I have an AMD Athelon XP 2400+, with 512 MB of RAM.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The text attributes are set in the Label Legend Manager. You can set a seperate font, size, color, and style on each attribute in the label legend. You can either edit the label legend symbol directly or throught the label legend manager. When you are done, run the reftesh instruments command.

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  • 2 years later...

I'm having the same problem. All my info was there, I changed the font (and nothing more) in the LLM and refreshed the instruments, and all the text disapeared. Undo changes the font back, but the text doesn't reapear. The circles are still there, but the text is gone. This is definatly a bug that needs addressed.

I'm running v. 11

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