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Best way to connect surfaces

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Modeling some fairly twisted (not literally--just lotsa compound curves) nurbs surfaces. Too complicated for the shell tool to work. But I still gotta get depth, be/c a wall can't be that thin. So I decide to create another nurbs surface 8" smaller than the first. Works great. Double the work, what with the shapes to loft and the solids to subtract from both now, but at least I can now have an exterior texture that's different from the interior texture, which I wouldn't have had with the shell tool.

But at openings, I need to connect the surfaces so you don't see the hollow space between the two layers. And some of the openings are compound curves (a big hole in an ellipsoid, for example). What's the best way to cover this gap cleanly? I don't wanna do anything that loses the different textures int v ext.


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I'm in the presence of genius.

It worked perfectly, and perfectly easy, too. The perfect tool for the job. What an amazing set of capabilities--going from polygon-based CAD to this stuff has been eye-opening, to say the least. Thank you for all the itme you're saving me!

So, while we're all here, maybe there's a better way to do another part of the process. I mentioned creating the two surfaces by doing the underlying curves separately and punching the holes separately (subtracting solids). Is there a way to use the first, outer, surface to create the inner one, and avoid all of the duplicate work? I can't just scale, be/c these are odd shapes and a proportionate scale would result in different absolute amounts, but I need equal thickness everywhere. The shell tool is the right idea, but it doesn't handle objects this complex.

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