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2 problems: position obj and placing fixtures


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I'm new at VW 10, but these features must exist... I just can't figure out how or where.

1) If I draw a truss, convert it into a "light position", then add lights to it using the "instrument insertion tool", the fixtures will not attach to the truss. In the object info. it names the position as the same as the truss, but if I move the truss, the fixtures don't track with it. Shouldn't they?

2) I place fixtures on my drawing in class A, then draw other stuff in class B. If I set the class options to "gray others" or "show active only" while in class A, my fixtures either grey or disappear. I can't even find them in the "none" layer. Where are they?

Any help would be appreciated.



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on # 1 question:no, they don't track. if you move (retrim ) a light position object, the lamp does not follow, it's z height is not updated either . if you refresh , the lamp is not refreshed.

also, even if you have toggled the auto-number feature, it does not. but if you retoggle it, it does renumber.i call it the antigravity effect. it's a good thing reality on stage does not behave like SL in this case.

question #2: because most likely you created the symbol( or they were created) in a class other than class A.

tech support says:" Just so you know in the future, is that symbols are made from several objects. So those sub objects can each have a different class. If one of those classes are off, then it will make the whole object disapeer."

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The reason I'm trying to separate fixtures is mostly academic and not necessarily practical. I would just like to be able to put all my moving lights on one layer, the conventionals on another and practicals on a third. Of course, the actual printed plot would have them all together, but I would love to colour code types of fixtures in some cases or just look at a view of all moving lights and truss.

It seems to be something you can do in other programs and I thought it could be done here more easily.



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