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Instrument numbering


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2 questions:

When using the 'number instruments' command is it possible to dictate which field it places the number? I want to number every fixture on the position from left to right in one field and number similar instruments in another.

Is there a way to change the orientation of the position summary? It appears that the summary always appears perpendicular to the position. If I move one the other moves as well.

Also the text doesn't format like it should. Changing the text attributes only changes the text on the name of the position - not any of the other fields.

Thanks for your help!

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I am pretty sure the answer to question #1 is no. The number will always go into the same field. You can however set up multiple versions of the same symbols with different label legends, placing the number field in a different location, if that is what you are looking for. Then you can assign the different legends to instruments as you want to.

Can't answer #2

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I have been using VectorWorks for years mostly for event floorplans and renderings (now with C4d)but am just now digging into the spotlight tools.

The more I get into it the more I get frustrated and can't believe that this is the second release of Spotlight.

Major frustrations:

1. Worksheets are nut updatable. This makes them all but worthless. I make an inventory report, format it, add in some additional information and it can't be updated without starting over. You can't even make your own inventory report using the "=count(symbolname)" function in the worksheet.

2. Position summary is completely useless. Text can't be formated and you can't place the summary where you want. It moves with the position. Which brings me to my next point:

3. Lights don't move with the position. Easy to work around I know, but still should not be that way.

4. Label Legend Manager is functional but could be MUCH easier to use. On the OIP there should be a little tick mark that allows you to display that particular feild or not. Then you could just edit the symbol to dictate where the data is displyed.

5. When you convert a truss into a light position it loses it's truss parameters without finding it in the resource browser and etiting it. You can't change the parameters interactively anymore.

6. When you add an accessory to an instrument it doesn't 'stick' to that instrument. You have to group it.

The symbol library is great though.

Please correct me if I am mistaken about any of these things.

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frustration #1 i prefer slaving over a 1500 piece puzzle, it's not as frustrating and i stand of attaining a viable result.

frustration #2 useless is the operative word

frustration #3 i was told that you should have a layer per pipe with it's associated lamps. then give that layer a height.that would solve the anti-gravity problem. but with a 12 pipe light plot with 5 sets of legs and 5 borders. a cyc and it's cyc bar, a ground row and 3 painted drops, i could not manage productivily all of that garbage.

f#4 my mother used to say about things like that : ils n'ont pas invent? le bouton a 4 trous"

f#5 that is not the only thing that behaves like that.

f#6 i would not know, i usually give up out of frustration by that time and pen the details in by hand.

don't get me wrong, i still believe that sl has a lot to offer, but more user friendliness should be objective number 12, not nuts and bolts and springs and ......

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