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more critiquing

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Hi All

I tried Dave Donley's suggestion of hunting out some of the lights in the imperial libray and using them.

Here is the result after about a 15mnrender on the old P4 2.8 4%20copy.jpg

previously I had done this using the 2 viewport technique with the top most set to sketch hidden line, and one directional light. It renders in about 1 minute, but looks pretty average.


Any comments?

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Looks kool and pleasantly workable...

my suggestions are:

1) Reduce or eliminate reflectivity of orange wall.

2) Use Image Prop for Plant.

3) Sketch those humanoids.

4) Add a 'Focal Lite' source to brighten center while darkening fringe.

5) Your first rendering shows the opposite wall & doors .. very effective.

6) Is it possible to put a little matte texture on that ceiling?

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