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Vectorworks 12 Very Slow on Mac Mini

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I just upgraded to Vectorworks 12, and I am considering taking it back, as it very slow on my new Core Duo Mac Mini. The only thing I can liken it to is working "under water". I have been using Vectorworks for years, and this version looks good - but the speed of drawing is way too slow - can anyone give me a recommendation? I have 2G Ram on the machine.


John C.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It's not surprising that it is slow, because VectorWorks 12 is not a universal binary, and thus is PowerPC code running on your Mac Mini via Rosetta emulation. While NNA has stated that a later version of VectorWorks 12 -- a free upgrade for VW 12 owners -- will be a universal binary, at present Intel Macs are not on the list of supported hardware for VectorWorks.

There has been no announcement about when this universal binary version will be released, and I won't drop any hints; you'll just have to be patient (with both NNA and your Mac Mini...)

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be patient, NNA sent out information in January about the ability to run VectorWorks 12 on Intel Macs (it?s not recommended) and in that information they noted that they were surprised that Apple released the machines so early. expect your VectorWorks to run better when it becomes a Universal binary app.

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I just went back and read the news release by NNA in December, and I have to say that for someone reading the news release, it would seem that NNA would be supporting Intel Macs from that point forward. Please read:


Columbia, Maryland (December 20, 2005)?Nemetschek North America announced today that its VectorWorks 12 line of software products will support Apple? Intel? Macintosh? computers. Existing VectorWorks 12 users will receive this new support without additional upgrade fees.


I find this to be very misleading language - although, I am sure it was not on purpose. I bought VW12 based on this information.

I will be patient though - as VW12 looks like it will be worth the wait.

John C.

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I am not so sure the Mac Mini will ever be "fast" with VW. The processor is slower than the new iMac's and MacBooks. The Graphics card only has 64 MB of "shared" ram - not ideal. Best bet would be to bump up your total system ram to the max 2GB.

I am running the new iMac duocore 2 GHz w/ 1GB ram, and notice slow performance (via rosetta) with rendering, and have a couple of issues that have been outlined in the knowledge base articles, but day-to-day operation is nearly as fast as on the Dell workstation I used to use.

Hopefully the UB will speed things up for you, but try to max out your memory in the meantime.

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