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Combining drawings with viewports

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Here is the basic outline of the problem. A person (not I) created a drawing with five sheet layers. each sheet layer had several viewports. On day 1 they worked on pages 1 to 3. on day 2 they worked on pages 4 and 5. Some where along the way they accidently erased the viewports from pages 2 and 3. So now we have a current drawing with the information for pages 1, 4 and 5, and a backup drawing for pages 1,2, and 3. (whew!). How can I combine these drawings back into a complete set with the viewports intact.

Any suggestions appreciated,

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you can't copy/paste viewports from one drawing to another - I assume that most of the drawing information was in viewport annotations? - It is fairly easy to recreate the viewport in the file you want to keep, then copy the annotations out of the viewport in the othe file and paste them into the annotations of the viewport you recreated in the main file.

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