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Renderworks Crashes


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In v12.0.1, VW crashes when doing a final quality Renderworks rendering. Settings are for moderate levels of detail, at 72 DPI.

I thought the problem might be mitigated with a reduction of the rendering window, or lowering of the DPI setting, but this does not help; VW still crashes.

Also, when restricting the perspective window (this is a model layer with layer links), the image, or parts of it disappear.

Seems like these are serious bugs, but if I'm overlooking something, I would appreciate being set on the right course.

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1. Custom Renderworks works, so this is a welcome workaround.

2. There doesn't appear to be a NURBS option.

3. Fit to Objects does not zoom out, with all selected.

4. Then this is a bug with Renderworks?

5. Are there fewer capabilities (NURBS, for instance) with Custom Renderworks than with Renderworks?

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Sorry, there IS a NURBS option.

In addition, I got an out of memory message (4GB available) when invoking the Convert Copy to Lines command. This isn't Renderworks, but it is part of the rendering function.

Again, this crashing with Renderworks does appear to be a bug.

Is the Convert Copy to Lines problem also a bug?

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Turns out that one of the limitations of Custom Renderworks is that it puts an ugly opaque color rectangle into all of the image props. I had replaced all of the trees with image props,in order to reduce file size and, maybe, ease processing issues, and now not only will it not render with standard Renderworks, the image props are all unacceptable.

Fooled with all of the image prop variables, and their class color assignments to no avail.

So, the bottom line is that RW doesn't appear to work, but it's curious that we don't see a lot of similar posts.

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When you created the image prop, did you select Use Mask under Mask Options? In Choose Prop Mask Image, Reuse an Image From a Texture Resource - This Prop's Color. Then in Create Mask, Source for Mask, Transparent Color - use the eyedropper on the background. The preview will show the outline of the object. You can fine tune if necessary.

It will not have the opaque frame in your rendering.


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Hello again ErichR:

Also you have to render with a render mode that uses transparency. Final Quality does this. If you see opaque rectangles as multiple image props overlap, you need to use Custom RW with the raytracing recursion level set to twice the number of overlapping surfaces, i.e. set it to 12 if you have 6 overlapping props.

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I didn't create the image props. They came from the VW library. The Model>Create Image Prop dialog box, for editing an image prop, does not appear to be intended to be used for editing and is confusing and was sort of dead-ended when attempted.


Why is recursion levels an issue with Custom Renderworks, and not with standard Renderworks? I set it to 20 recursions and still the image prop rectangles are opaque.

This is beginning to be a really, really clutsy workaround for something that shouldn't be an issue. Again, is it a Renderworks bug that causes VW to crash? If so, will it be fixed?

So far, I can render (only with Custom Renderworks), but not using the image props the way they came with VW.

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Username: upload

Password: file-put

Please send me an email once the file has been uploaded letting me know it's there.


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I apologize. Renderworks works fine on an earlier iteration of the same file (with v12.0.1). So, there is something wrong with the newer file. I aborted the FTP to Katie, because it was taking over an hour, and it seems I should probably try to find the problem myself.

Thanks anyway.

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By using a process of elimination, the errant object, which caused Renderworks crashing, turned out to be an extrusion. Upon this discovery, I remembered having a similar problem before. Double-clicking on an extrusion revealed the 2D object that was used to make the extrusion. It was a polyline. There is some incompatibility between polylines and extrusions, at least as far as Renderworks is concerened. Simply converting it to a polygon didn't work: the resulting shape was divided into many polygons. However, using the polyline as a template and cliping a new one from a rectangular surface, a two-step positive to negative to positive process, I was abale to produce an acceptable polygon and then to extrude it.

So, it appears that renderworks can't handle an extrusion made from a polyline, but it can process one made from a polygon.

Wonder why this is, and why there doesn't seem to be any documentation covering this.

I've wasted untold hours without knowing what the problem was or what I was looking for.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello again Erich:

It looks like it is crashing when it is trying to extrude the polyline for rendering. There are ultimately going to be a lot of vertices generated for this polyline and its holes when it being rendered. This is a bug that is already fixed for the next major release.

To workaround it in this file I would split the polyline into multiple objects. I will try this myself (by splitting it with several vertical lines probably), and let you know if it fixes the crash.


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