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Lable Legend help

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I'm on another Computer now...The file opened OK but I'm still having the same problem.....

I will try reinstalling on the laptop while I keep trying on the desktop to make it work.....


The lables on this plot have never shown up since I first set up the lable legend for the venue...

I did do one other small plot before this and did not have this problem....

I'm pretty sure the resourse is not missing off the Desk top

I think that is an additional problem [Frown]

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


The additional information you sent me is the cause of the problem.


After working a little longer I got an error message saying that I was missing a resourse file.

You will need to reinstall Spotlight. Without the resource file nothing in Spotlight will work.

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Try this...

When you are in the edit legend setup area, zoom out so the setup box is very small on the screen. Then use the cmd-a for select all. I am willing to bet that your labels are way, way over to the left of your setup box. Using the select all will put grips around the labels. You can then zoom in on them and either drag them onto your symbol or cut and paste them.

This problem has been described in various ways on this help board and every time the folks from Nemetshek will have you believe it's a problem with you or your software. I strongly disagree. It is either a glitch in the code or it has somethoing to do with where your point of origin is on your drawing. Let me know if I'm right. [Wink]

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Yes martin, i encountered the same manifestation as you describe.

By a previous post, i seems the problem is related to the changing of the origin.

When i stopped moving the origin to what i was drawing and started drawing with the origin of the document, the manifestation stopped.

Since this WORKAROUND works for me, i stopped wasting more time with the label legend and planned my drawing in such a way as not to have to change the origin. It's a little less freedom, but a lot less pain.

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