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Dwg to Mcd File Size



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I also use both. The trick is to import only the bits you want. You could copy and paste part of the acad file to a new file for importing to VW but a better way would be to structure your acad file with xrefs in a way that would allow you to import only the xref.

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How large are the DWG files and how large are they after importing into VW?

Are you importing into blank files or files that already have information?

Without facts and figures, it's all nothing more than perception.

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Have you tried purging symbols? It's traditionally been pretty common for Autocad users to store every Block (symbol) definition that they have in every DWG file. And if they insert a file they got from someone else, they get all the other person's blocks in there also.

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I did the following tests:

1. Imported a workstation file from Herman Miller website in dwg format into VW. Saved as mcd - no editing to original

Original dwg file = 253 KB

After save as mcd = 467 KB

2. Imported a glass vase with 3 flowers from Ultra3D site in 3ds format.

Original 3ds file = 118 KB

After save as mcd = 1.88 MB

No changes were made to the content of these files in VW other than import dwg or 3ds and save as mcd.

Blocks were converted to VW symbols. The symbols contained a very large number of 3d polygons.

Note: a 3ds file inserted into Autocad will also result in a large # of polygon.

It may be the unavoidable price of converting from one format to another.


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Before you import the DWG to VW's Follow these steps

-while in Autocad go to file menu drop down and look for the word Audit and click it.

-next it will ask you a yes or no question. type yes. This will Audit the drawing.

-next Purge the dwg. make sure you purge all.

it is important to audit before you purge

I hope this helps

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I too am a recovering AutoCad user that has finally returned to Vectorworks 12.5 but am in a position where I have to share files with the AC crowd. When I try to export my mcd. drawings which are rather large to begin with ( approx. 17mgs.) they end up being more like 64 mgs. when I'm finished. I tried converting everything to group and then ungrouping everything and deleting all the symbol, and resources. I purged all unused layers, symbols, classes, resources, etc. and end up with an enormous file (approx. 53mgs. ) that when exported to dwg ends up being more like 107 mgs.!!!

I really need to get a handle on this as soon as possible cause the boss's patience is running thin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Katie,

I've tried that option as well... I've also tried saving it in every available version of dwg, and dxf. with no success. I notice that in FormZ they can save their stuff down to a dwg. with no problem.... is it because FormZ isn't as acurate as VW?

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I've seen this happen and heard many sad stories of similar events. Just recently someone placed a few pot plants in VW into a simple interior design project and the DWG-file was over a 100MB.

3D is the most likely common factor, but I can't quite understand why: in AutoCAD everything is in 3D and with the full 16 decimal (or whatever) accuracy, totally regardless of the original program's own accuracy or mode.

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