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VW SL & Lightwright 4

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It sounds to me like this is actually a problem with LW4. If LW4 is recognizing the accessory as such but not displaying it then it is surely LW that has the problem, not Spotlight. Remember, LW and Spotlight exchange data as tab-delimited text, so I can't see how this can be addressed by SL if it is already exporting an item with a 'Device Type' of 'Accessory'.

Additionally, LW4 (especially V4.0.2) has importing issues. I have been in contact with John McKernon, who is very helpful in these matters, and he has now released a beta version of LW4.0.3 which is meant to address a lot of these issues. I haven't downloaded it yet, but it is available at McKernon.com. Maybe you could contact him in regard to LW4 not recognizing accessories correctly?

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