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[DTM] Set Border

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In v11 there was a DTM command, "Set Border", which allowed one to exclude portions of a site model from the graphic. This allowed having data points outside, say, metes and bounds, but generating a DTM of the property only. That command is no longer present in 12. After speaking with Tech Support, I've been given the following (undocumented) procedure:

--Create class: "DTM-border"

--Draw bounding polyline and set to DTM-border


--Click on DTM and 'Edit Group'

--Paste in place

--Exit Group

--Click on 'Update' in the OI Palette

Problem is, the above procedure does not seem to work for me. Does anyone have an alternate approach to cropping out portions of a DTM (other than converting it to a mesh etc.)?

Thanks in advance.

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Well after a bit more work and help from NNA (thanks Donald) I was able to get the site model 'clipped'. To the above instructions, I would add:

--The clipping poly MUST be a polyGON, not a polyline

--It may be in the None class (class seems to be irrelevant)

I would also add that is procedure is analogous to pasting a polygon into a Roof object to create an aperature or crude skylight.

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