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How would you model a block of flats in VW?

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I am designing a block of flats (apartments) in VW (3D) and I have two or three flat types repeated many times through the building. When I update the design of a flat I would like to change only one and have it update the other instances automatically.

I am trying to do it by turning a whole flat into a symbol, and then just editing the symbol. But, I'm not sure Symbols were designed to do that. For instance, mirroring a symbol with walls in it turns the walls 'inside out' as far as the hidden line renderer is concerned. So I can't make mirror image apartments by mirroring the symbol.

How would other people do this. I'm getting a bit stuck, but am desperately trying to keep down the amount of monotonous repetition.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,


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What do you mean by "inside out"? I just tried turning an apt drawing that I did a while back into a symbol. It contains an assortment of furniture symbols. It seemed to work OK. Hidden line, Open GL looked correct. When I created the symbol from the apt, I used "Next Mouse Click" (not Plan Center) as the insertion point & chose an outside corner. I then went back to the original symbol, edited it by moving a piece of furniture. When I exited the symbol edit, the mirrored symbol showed the object in the correct, new mirrored position. I think you are on the right track as far as saving time, it's just a matter of finding the cause of your problem.


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George, thanks for coming back on this.

I was having issues with file size, so I had to go the symbol route. The issue that I have with the render should be clear in the image. I hope it comes out OK. I reported it as a bug, hope that was right. If it is, it's an annoying one for the project that I'm working on.

It's good to know that you think that is the route to go. I just wasn't sure. It certainly gets confusing though with nested symbols and nested classes. Also, as symbols can't include layers (AFAIK) I have to do my duplex as two symbols - upstairs and downstairs - not that that's a big problem.

I am Work Group Referencing the flat symbol into an 'assembly file'. Like I said it gets tricky keeping track of everything, making sure levels/heights are the same, and editing.

Regards, Nick


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You're right, there's something odd with the Hidden Line Render. I did 2 mirror/duplicates of my apt symbol.

1. Right hand copy of orig.

2. Selected both & made front & back copies.

When I do Hidden Line or Dashed Hidden Line render:

1. Original & its Diagonal copy are OK.

2. Right hand copy & its diagonal copy have wall segments missing.

It seems that walls that are mirrored AFTER being converted to a symbol that are a problem. This is going to take some more testing.


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It works fine except in the HIDDEN LINE/DASHED HIDDEN LINE rendering modes. Some walls in the mirrored copy of a symbol do not render correctly (see Nick's example above). Other rendering modes seem to work properly. It seems to occur with some walls that are part of a SYMBOL. My results were slightly different than those in Nick's example, but they were rendered incorrectly.


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