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VectorWorks vs Solidworks

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Some people have asked what program they should use for their project.  I like both these programs.  Although both do 3d, they are total opposites & you cannot say which one is better.  It all depends on what you are trying to do.  Anything that needs to use Layers then VW is the program to use. Anything that a fabrication/machine shop will build...then use Onshape...you can do it in VW but Onshape is more streamlined.   Finally, while you could build a house in Onshape...it would be very tedious w/o layers. 

(also keep in mind that i am a new user when it comes to Onshape so i may be doing something wrong)



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So the below model I would STILL do in VW...you cannot get that type of rendering or custom view (in perspective) in Onshape...


BUT if i was to go to production for fabrication i would get it over to Onshape....even redrawing it from scratch to take advantage of the parametric workflow & part tracking system that Onshape has.




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Vectorworks with Onshape in the background making the machinery.

Compost turner, grinder, loader & ductwork etc would be items done in Onshape or the like

But the Site... VW all the way 






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7 hours ago, digitalcarbon said:

so houses, cabinetry, presentations to clients...i would use VW.




Lawnmowers, wash machines etc then Onshape or similar 

Many thanks for your posts and videos digitalcarbon!...It's very helpful, and I agree with what you are saying.



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working out things with the push/pull tool and moving uni-strut around...

VW makes this easy because you can just do it but in things like Onshape relationships needs to be defined & you cannot just fly around the site constructing things.

so the duct work is imported from Onshape but everything else is vw native.



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construction geometry is another thing...in VW your geometry is not part of the end product so if you want to change something you have to recreate the geometry and make a new 3d part

(yes you can edit an extrude but if you have radiuses its not easy to change)


in Onshape the geometry stays in the 3d object and is easily editable...


however...i would not want to be laying out rebar in Onshape...



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