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In general, I think the new page layout is superior to the old one. But, I find all of the display options to be more or less illegible. I have gone back to the Default scheme. But it would be much more readable if the content text was black or dark blue. The default text on a 19" screen is too small for my eyes, and the large text is too large for my taste. I can change the default to a medium size using the browser, so that's not a major problem. But am I the only one that finds the text contrast poor? Is it too late to implement one more change? Think of it as ADA compliance for those handicapped with old eyes. Thanks.

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The old board allowed us to see the first few lines of the post. This helped me understand the nature of the post when looking at the Active Topics list.

This new software now depends upon the poster giving a well defined and descriptive title to the topic.

Is there a way to go back to the previous style of displaying a portion of the message?

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