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Non-stick class & arrow changes

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VW12.0 on Windows XP

When I select multiple objects, then change the class in the OIP, the change doesn't stick. So, I have to change them one at a time.

Also, when I change an open arrowhead from 20deg to 45deg it doesn't stick. This is an old problem, probably back to VW11.

Anybody else having these non-stick problems?

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While I'm griping, I will add that PIOs should be adjustable like other objects. I just added a toilet partition and the partition lines are very heavy. I can't change them by Edit, or Attributes, or OIP. I think I have seen a work-around somewhere, but I'd like more direct control over the display attributes of a PIO. Thanks.

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Depending on the plug-in object (not specified in your posts), the line weights can be controlled in the plugin object definition such as with windows, doors, stairs, walls, etc.

Line weights can still be controlled through class attributes, probably the quicker than editing the symbol for each instance.

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