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imported sheets as viewports



VW 11.5 (G4 powerbook 1.5 Ghz 1.25 G ram, running Tiger- new powerbook- happy happy dance!)

Imported DWG (ACAD 2000) The ACAD sheets came in as viewports- with no design layer to support them.

The "viewports" (which are really sheet layers) when viewed show classes- classes which do not show up in the design layers. Example- Design layer one- shows only the first floor- viewport 2.2 shows the second floor- by a process of elimination I discover that viewport 2.2 actually shows class "A-none"; however class "A-none" does not show up in any Design layer.

To make it even more interesting- the viewport is stuck on 1:1 when it's supposed to be 1:2000- so even drawing over the viewport gives me a wall with a .57" length (a bit of a problem)

All suggestions are gleefully welcomed...



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Yeah ... you've got to be really careful about the import conversion scale factor. And of course Class&Layers are reversed between VW & DWG. Soemtimes it takes a couple of tries before the imports are sufficient .. just let VW do the work for you.

In the case of a fixed 1:1 scale you will need to rescale the drawing...but beware of the symbols ... they will also need to be rescaled.

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