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Exporting all Sheet layers to DWG from VW11.5



I'm sure this has been covered before...

VW can import a DWG and all layout sheets become sheet layers and the model layer becomes a design layer.

Why is it that I can only export 1 sheet layer into a DWG!

I am doing shop drawings for a Cabinet shop that has a full time CAD person runing AutoCAD LT. They would like to be able to make minor changes, etc. without having to come back to me. I know I can export all design layers into a DWG model layer. However, each of the shop drawings will get printed at different scales and on different size paper depending on wether or not they are for the customer, or for the shop, etc. A large amount of time is spent setting up viewports and annotations. All of this time is lost, unless I export each sheet layer individually. This could mean 20 or more DWG files for each job, and any changes made to a drawing in one DWG (sheet layer), would have to be repeated in any DWG file that contains that drawing exported from a different sheet layer.

Is there a work around I am missing?

Any suggestions?

Is this changed in VW 12?

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No one?

I haven't even been able to get a response to an email sent to tech support, and the "registered user tech support form" link is broken.

Can someone at least let me know if VW12 will export more than 1 sheet layer at a time.

Has this been an issue for anyone else?

Thank you in advance.


VW 11.5 - PC

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