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Can't edit info in "Obj Info"


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I'm working on a Mac, Spotlight 9.5x. Plot was Exported from a Mac, Spotlight 10.5. I can not edit info in the Object Info Palette. When trying to change Position or Purpose I recieve the following error; "Object Creation Failed Due To Invalid Parameter(s). Please Use Different Parameter(s)!" The fixtures are 'Spotlight' symbols and already have color & channel info. This is only happening in 9.5.

Any ideas?!?



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I am having the same exact problem. The file that I am working on was created in MiniCAD (don't know which version) and due to the fact that 9.5 doesn't open old MiniCAD files, it had to be opened in 10.X . Now whenver I attempt to change the any information pertaining to lighting fixtures in the object info bar, it gives me the same message descirbed above. I have tired deleting the "Light Info Record" and creating new layouts for the symbols but nothing seems to be working. (I am currently working on a PC, 9.5.1, the file was converted on a Mac running 10.(?) ) Anything at this point will help, otherwise I will have to copy and paste into a new file and hope that works.


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