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12.0.0 to 12.0.1 update



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Same happens to me as well. Why was the 'patch fix' procedure changed for v12? Can't the whole file be uploaded and we can download the full file in segments with a downlaod manager as we did before. Please don't use this method for future patches. Please! We have extremely high telephone bills in South Africa.

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I am trying to update to 12.0.1 - got a new computer. Installed 12 and tried the update. It runs for a while then I get an error message that starts with C:documents and settings.... and ends with 12\nnaoutput.txt.

I am connected to the internet.

Any ideas on what is going on??


Jim Allen


dual core T2600 @ 2.16GHx


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Can you open the nnaoutput.txt file and report the error message, please?

With the error message in the output file, I can't do much other than recommend for you to request a 12.0.1 disk.

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The error message gives you the path of the nnaoutput.txt file. You can redownload and run the installer again to get the path and thus the error message.

To request a 12 0 1 install disk, contact customer service at 888-646-4223 or sales@nemetschek.net

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