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Runtime Error



Program: Minicad v7 + updates

Iam receiving the Error,

"Run Time Error!"

"Path points to Minicad.exe"

abnormal program termination

Now i have done some research into the topic, people have suggested to replace the MSVCRT.DLL VB file, upon replacement windows is unable to load and i must revert back to the old .DLL i have also tried the following;

Re-install VB files - Failed - "File is currently in use error"

Re-Install program - Failed "Same Error"

Re-associate vbfiles with reg32 command - Failed "same error"

Updated to current version - Failed "same error"

"System restore" - Failed

I have also tried Microsoft suggestions;



Which describes updating libraries (including the C runtime)

I have also attempted a number of other things with no success; event viewer shows no program failure in logs.


P4 toshiba notebook (Program not too hardware dependant / not an issue)

Winxp sp2 - Upto date (most current)

Usual programs, Sunjava, adobe, etc...

Please note, this is a cleanly formatted machine, there is no spyware / virus infections

Any suggustions would be greatful, i have been trying to fix this problem for over a week!


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I know this is a really old thread, however I am running into the same issue and would like to know if anyone came up with a solution for the issue.

I know for a fact that MiniCAD 7 runs in Windows XP. I have ran it in Windows XP for the last few years at my school in the lab. I started to create my new image for the next school year, and before installing the software I ran all windows updates. Once that was complete I started installing Applications. After that I started testing them and found that MiniCAD would no longer run, giving me the same error as above.

So I took a computer that had last years image on it (Windows XP SP2), but didn't have MiniCAD installed, and it loaded, and launched perfectly fine. So I guess it looks as though there is a conflict with some of the Windows Updates that have came out in the last year that is causing MiniCAD to no longer run.

Does anyone have any ideas other then upgrading to Vectorworks 12? That simply will not happen. The teacher that teaches this program only uses MiniCAD 7 because he knows it. If he has to learn something new he will have to learn AutoCAD because, AutoCAD is Ministry Licensed, and we will not have to pay for it, where upgrading to a new version of Vectorworks will cost quite a bit.

Thanks for your time.

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Just an update..

I took one of the systems that had last years image one, which MiniCAD 7 worked on, and did all of the Windows Updates from over the year, and MiniCAD continues to run.

So it appears that one of the new peices of software that has been added to the image since last year is causing this issue. That's what I have conluded anyway.. I will look through the new software install and see if it might be the cause. I wonder if having AutoCAD installed is causing this..

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I've had the same problem ever since starting to use WinXP and it is definitely not a conflict with AutoCAD.

I've been keeping an old machine running Win98, just so that I can keep using MiniCAD. It is a fine program. Don't want to upgrade. Would REALLY like to find a fix for this.

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