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Vectorworks11.5; OSX10.4- run under multiple accounts - fast user switching - bug

Henry Finch


Mac OSX 10.4;

VW11.5; 2 seats

G5 1.8Ghz dual and G4 1.25Ghz dual

Multiple accounts are on on computers. Fast user switching on.

VW works on account from which VW was installed.

On other accounts, the VW "get info" shows VW as a classic application and won't open. (VW is closed on other user accounts).

This seems like a bug associated with VW. Other applications are OK including VW 11.0 and VW 11.01. Perhaps VW11.51 corrects this or VW12 which arrives next week.

Henry Finch, Architect

Newton MA

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We have a couple of workstations set up with fast user switching without problems.

Be sure you install from the Administrator's "user". Be sure all users have access to the "new" software. Be sure to analyze & repair permissions.

It seems you may need to quit VW before switching. . .I know, it kind of defeats some of the value of "fast user switching". I'll check it out when I get a chance.

Good luck,

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If you ran the updaters to update to the later versions of VW 11, then you are experiencing a known issue.

Log in to the computer as the admin.

Get info about the VW folder.

Make sure the "Ownership and Permissions" is set to Read and Write for the users needing access to VW.

Expand Details in the same section. Ensure Read and Write is the permissions set for the appropriate set of users here also.

Now, when logging off and back on as one of the other users, VW should run fine.

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I have a similar problem, (difference: 18 seats) I had already checked the ownership and permissions. Our computers are in a lab. If I create a local account on the computer VectorWorks works. If the students log in under Active Directory (which is a state accountability requirement) they receive the generic icon. If they click on that icon, they get an error message: You cannot open ?VectorWorks? because it is not supported on this architecture. Thanks for any help you can give. If you need additional information, please let me know.

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I just ran into this bug. What a mess. The default VW installation and VW Viewer have really messed up permissions. There are data files (vsd, vsm, vso) and text files with execute permissions! There are folders with no read access for other than the installation person. Totally inconsistent and weird.

Libraries should not need execute permissions either. it took me an hour to go thru both the VW and VWViewer folders and get the permisssions straightened out so that all the users on that machine could use either application. VW should go thru the directory with a fine tooth comb and fix things before bundling the installer.

It appears that some files are just that way since nobody has bothered to look at them. This is just sloppy QA. A simple script should be able to find all the pdf and template files and set them to world readable, group and owner writable etc.

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