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Educational upgrades to full version



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My understanding is that the the educational version is not really a different version but just a discount price, and that to qualify for that price you have to be a student or teacher when you buy it. The only upgrade issue is when you change to version 12 -- you have to pay the full upgrade price, not a special student upgrade price (if there is such a thing), since you're not a student now.

But I live in the US. It might be different in the UK. Does your manual say that you can't use your VW for professional work?

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You could always change your company name to Educational Version and claim it was a watermark on all your jobs ;~)

Seriously, I see it just as the reverse of the normal buying procedure, we pay the higher full price for commercial copies to use, then the lower upgrade fees later.

You'll be the same once you buy the commercial copy.

At least you had time to learn the program for a lot less outlay and will be now earning faster to recoup the cost you'll pay for the commercial copy than a full price newbie to the program.

Don't forget its tax deductable as well.


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